Why is WebsaytNimo FREE?

You might be wondering why WebsaytNimo's website building service is FREE?

Don't we need money? How are we able to cover the costs of operating the business?

WebsaytNimo is intended for micro and small businesses that do not have huge resources and budget for online marketing. It is our mission to help and empower small businesses in the Philippines in improving their online presence, get more customers, and eventually boost sales. In the Philippine online setting, due to the high cost of building a website, from paying the hosting server, hiring a professional website developer and designer, hiring people to test your website, and to maintaining your website after it is built and launched, the cost can pile up, and small businesses just don't have the money and time needed in building the website.

Building and maintaining a great website can be very expensive, but with WebsaytNimo, we take care of all the hassle in creating a professionally-looking theme, ensuring compatibility of your website to run on desktop and mobile devices, as well submitting your website to popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) so people can easily find your business or brand on the web.

So if you have a business, and wants to go to the next level, feel free to Contact Us, or Start Building Your Website today!