Where are you going this Summer 2018?

We are pretty sure you are now starting to feel the warm weather as summer is fast approaching. We know you are also now craving to go for a swim and splash yourself in a pool or at the beach. It is still the start of March and yet, the weather feels like it is April or May already.

When we were still kids, we look forward to the summer season as normally, it also marks the end of the school year, and at the same time, mom/dad already has the summer planned out for us. Either we go out of town, visit a relative in a far town, but most of the time, we go to the beach!

This summer of 2018 will be not much different. Families as early as now are planning their summer vacations, choosing which town or out-of-town to visit, have already booked their plane tickets, reserved a hotel, and there are even some who already have packed their bags months in advance!

WebsaytNimo has partnered with several local resorts and are proud to have designed, developed, maintained, and marketed their websites, and helped them grow their business and attract more customers to their resorts. This is our way of promoting local tourism and businesses. So we would like to invite each one of you to visit the WebsaytNimo’s gems this Summer 2018!


Al Fresco Picnic Grove

A serene place for your vacation where you can experience nature and Cebuano hospitality. Whether you just need a place to crash especially for backpackers, or a simply a place to stay in Alegria, Cebu to that is affordable, Al Fresco Picnic Grove is the place to go!
Alfresco Picnic Grove is located at Calcalan, Alegria Cebu with ten rooms, four if which are air-conditioned and six rooms that are non airconditioned.

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Marick Beach Resort

Your one of a kind, go-to family beach resort in Luyang, Carmen, Cebu - perfect for family gatherings and events, parties, company outings, or simply just a place for relaxation and unwinding.
Marick Beach Resort is located in Bantigue Street, Luyang, Carmen, Cebu offers an all-in-one beach relaxation experience with clean and comfortable accommodation, sumptuous and delicious eats at the restaurant, and stunning view of the beach.

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Felicity Splash Farm Exclusive Resort

A humble, family-friendly resort and events place in Cabanatuan City - perfect for special occasions, parties, birthdays, debuts, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and family outing and gatherings.
The business started way back April 14, 2011 and since then, has become the go-to venue for people in Cabanatuan City looking for a spacious and affordable place for any special event.

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These are just three of the countless resorts in the Philippines, and you will never really run out of options on where to spend your summer vacation.